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I was not born with a good physique. From a young age I was unsatisfied with the way I looked. Growing up skinny, I eventually wanted to make a difference in my teenage years and build a physique that I could be both confident and proud of. So I started searching on the internet about fitness and health – and I fell in love.

Fitness is not my life. Without a real life fitness role model, I tried countless workouts, programs and even diets (some good, some bad) that I could find on the internet while being a full-time A+ student and running track & field. And over the course of 11 years, juggling fitness with the rest of my life, I slowly trained myself the nuances of building muscle and getting lean to build the physique that you see today – all the while being a full-time student graduating with Highest Honors in both High School and University. Today, I am a part-time management consultant during working hours and an avid fitness enthusiast outside the clock – and I am proud to have found a balance where I can smash both my career and my fitness goals.

Here’s the biggest thing I learned over those 11 years, I attribute my success in fitness to one fundamental thing – consistency. I learned that the most important factor in building the physique of your dreams is finding a fitness routine that fits with your schedule – don’t make fitness your life, make fitness part of your lifestyle.

I found my path in fitness all the while living a life outside of it, let me help you find yours.


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